Demo version


  • freely accessible
  • Calculations from January to April
  • Export to Excel®

Trial version


  • Registration required
  • Test the full version free of charge for 30 days

Full version

€ / CHF 29.- per year

  • Full use for 1 year
  • Calculations from January to December
  • Export to Excel®
  • Settings
  • PDF invoice 

is a web app for the calculation of working hours, dates and deadlines, based on data from A central feature of the calculator is the consideration of the locally applicable holidays for more than 3,000 communities and regions. The freely accessible demo version allows calculations for January to April. For full-year calculations, a subscription is required. is fair:

  • Registrations are no subscription, which renews itself.
  • Your address will not be sold and used exclusively for the production of documents in connection with registration
  • The calculator is designed according to the requirements of the Swiss data protection

  • takes into account freely adjustable working hours for each day of the week
  • takes into account local holidays, if they fall on a working day
  • takes into account time reductions before holidays
  • takes into account holidays up to 6 blocks within the accounting period
  • allows you to export the calculation results to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets and compatible

Minutes are calculated with decimal values (8.50 h = 8 hours and 30 minutes)
Calculated values are for informational purposes only! The arrangements and provisions of your employment contract are valid in any case.